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She doesn’t just share her professional experience but helps you understand your loved one’s needs beyond what is the most obvious and what their experiences are likely to be.  
After I spoke with her I was able to ask the right questions and ensure that my loved one received proper care. Not only was the initial session extremely valuable, but being a caring professional Phyllis continued to follow up. As my family and I encountered problematic 
situations, she was able to guide me to ensure tha other’s would be held accountable in ways I had never thought about. 


Phyllis taught me valuable information so that I would be a more eective advocate and my father’s progress towards recovery is in large part thanks to her.


Thank you Phyllis!!!

Julie Sote

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I’ve been working with Phyllis for approximately 6 weeks.The information she’s provided 
has been invaluable. It’s opened my eyes to understand issue I hadn’t thought about or considered and has helped me tremendously with my grandmother.


I highly recommend working with Phyllis if you are caring for, or looking into needing the right care, for your 
loved one.

S. Diaz

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people 6 DS 800X60.png

Phyllis was able to help our family understand important underlying issues and ask important questions of our father’s Nursing Home. Her knowledge, expertise and guidance 
helped us feel more content to ask the right follow up questions to ensure our father 
receives the best care. It was  clear that w didn’t know what we didn’t know.  
Her input was extremely valuable.


Steve Spiro


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