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Dignity & Respect

Are Our Aging Parents Getting

What They Deserve?

Paperback – December 4, 2020 

The story begins from inside the COVID19 storm which ravaged our nations nursing homes, 
affecting the over one million residents and the healthcare workers who are the true unsung 
heroes working there. It offers an on the ground perspective on how it felt inside the nursing home, 
especially the lack of PPE that impacted the spread of the virus.


Dignity & Respect continues tracing the story to the ill effects of isolation and loneliness on older adults, whether they are living in nursing homes or amongst us in our nation’s communities and goes on to address our attitudes towards aging and older adults.


These attitudes are deeply entrenched in our language and our culture and affects how we feel about "getting older." from both a societal and individual perspective, ultimately affecting the 
care our elders receive. This insightful and informative book asserts that the core values of respect and dignity are the foundation for developing strategies that will help all those we love, and our future selves. to achieve a greater sense of peace and contentment as we age.

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A Tool for Resilience"

EBook  July 2020

With regular use of the techniques in this ebook you should be able to achieve greater resilience which will help counteract the effects of stress and burnout. Included with the 15 practices for self-care, self-kindness and self-compassion is a guide to 12 valuable  apps and websites that offer guidance and access to thousands of additional techniques.

In addition, you will receive a beautifully illustrated BONUS offering information on 12 essential oils which help increase energy, achieve calm, and provide a variety of other health benefits. That's a total of 39 ways in which you can develop practices of self-care, self-kindness and self-compassion. NO searching through google or other search engines to find apps that work, techniques that tickle your fancy or strategies to boost your energy,  or mood. It's right here for you in one ebook. 

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Published Feb 8, 2019

Became a #1 New Release on Amazon


"Overdue"Quality Care for OUR Elder Citizens examines how we as a culture treat our elder citizens as they continue life’s journey. 
The author presents the idea that Our Elder Citizens are essentially Our Future Selves, and therefore, each and every one of us should be concerned about the quality of care and quality of life they receive, especially within the long-term care setting. 
This book provides information on the nursing home industry from an insider’s perspective, more dignified, respectful and effective models of care, and the need for grassroots advocacy and a national conversation on how we care for our elder citizens.

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From Nursing Homes to Rehabilitation Centers:

What Every Person Needs to Know

Published December 2017

The population of the United States is aging. Approximately 15,000 nursing homes/rehabilitation facilities now exist across the nation. An elder citizen has a one-in-four chance of spending at least some time in one of these facilities. Furthermore, anyone over twenty-one years old may find themselves in one when needing short-term rehabilitation after a serious medical occurrence.

Nursing homes represent billions of dollars in potential profits reimbursed by government and insurance programs, a fact that has attracted individual owners and investor-backed corporations eager for financial gain. This drive for earnings often leads to shorthanded and poorly trained staff, which negatively impacts patient care.

An inside glimpse into the truth about the day to day workings of these facilities. Along with revealing stories based on hands-on experiences, the author gives us a feeling of what it means to be in the trenches which affects what happens to your loved ones, both clinically and practically.

This insightful examination of the limitations of the current nursing-home environment, Nursing Homes to Rehabilitation Centers: What Every Person Needs to Know provides the 
information you need to become a more effective advocate and informed health-care consumer—for yourself and for your aging family members.


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Keep Smiling and Change Happens: Leadership 5.0   Color Edition

In short, a smile is the most powerful expression on earth! It is an expression of connection, positivity, and even love. When we experience a challenging day, a smile shifts our focus off  the negative and towards the positive. A smile avoids the attraction of what we do not want, the limiting mindset of aloneness, negativity, and scarcity. A smile causes a shift in the mind. 
This book shares two beautiful stories of the power of a smile and shares a hundred photos and quotes from authors, leaders, speakers, and celebrities. 
These people were chosen because they influence us to feel better. Just as a child's laughter is contagious, so is a smile. This book will help you create a better state of mind to be the powerful person you are. A smile radiates positive energy, and this book will help you attract what you and everyone ultimately wants in life... Happiness! Many would agree that true success in life reflects how many smiles you have had and how many smiles you create. 
Keep Smiling and Donate to

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