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Providing Sound Solutions for Healthcare Environments

Family Care Solutions

Individual, Family and Group Programs. 

Plan by Choice 

Not By Crisis

Be empowered by taking the step to receive insights and valuable information about what questions to ask and why those are the questions to ask from a professional who has an inside perspective after working in 45 skilled nursing facilities. Strategic planning as people are making critical choices when seeking care for themselves or their loved ones in sub-acute short term rehabilitation, traditional long-term care or memory care in a skilled nursing facility.

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Family Care


Assist families who are struggling with coming to a consensus on the care needs for their parents or older loved ones.

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Needs Assessments and Strategic Planning:
Facility Needs Assessments  

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Facility MRI  

 Deep dive to identify a facility’s problem areas. Findings will advise recommendations to impact improved star ratings, standing in the community,  
including  but not limited to rehabilitation, staff training needs, and environmental 

Facility MRIPhyllis Ayman
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Program Development

Based on the facility MRI, targeted program development can 
facilitate improved quality of care, improve the customer experience, facilitate revenue enhancement, and can be used on collateral marketing material

Program DevelopmentPhyllis Ayman
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Talk Topics: Click on a topic to learn more.

Eldercare Presentation Topics

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Caregiving 101

Understanding the caregiving journey,  how to identify your loved one’ s care needs and how to have the caregiving conversation, 

Caregiving 101Phyllis Ayman
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Caregiving 911

Addressing the

fatigue, stress, and burnout experienced by caregivers. Including information on  “IMpathy” ™: A Tool for Resilience

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Caregiving 911Phyllis Ayman
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Communication & Empathy

Improving Behavioral Outcomes: Training for staff from administration on downward. 
Through a series of videos, group exercises, discussion and examples participants will develop improved insight into empathy, how to develop empathy, and understand how to 
communicate with empathy, thereby  facilitating  improved responses from and interactions with residents.
Communication & EmpathyPhyllis Ayman
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Caregiving Challenges in Our Multicultural Society

Developing cultural  awareness, competency  and sensitivity when caring for residents 
and relating to staff members from various cultures and countries.

Caregiving Challenges in Our Multicultural SocietyPhyllis Ayman
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Understanding Dementia

Ensure you staff is adequately trained to care for persons with dementia. 
They can receiving a certificate as a Certified Dementia Practitioner. 
Use on collateral marketing material to boost the facility’ s credentials for accepting persons with dementia.

Understanding DementiaPhyllis Ayman
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Eldercare in America

A Moral Dilemma

Exploring our attitudes towards, and treatment of, are elder citizens, including reframing the conversation on aging.

Eldercare in America A Moral Dilemma Phyllis Ayman
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Effective Advocacy

Explore the meaning of advocacy and providing valuable information on how to 
effectively advocate for yourself or your loved ones.

Effective AdvocacyPhyllis Ayman
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Creating.Effective Leadership


Nursing home personnel are often promoted based on longevity and clinical expertise. 
However, they often lack necessary leadership skills and understanding of team development, communication strategies, including appreciative inquiry and Active Constructive Responding.

Creating.Effective Leadership EnvironmentsPhyllis Ayman
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