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about Phyllis


Phyllis Ayman is an expert Speech/Language Pathologist, Certified Dementia Practitioner, Trainer, Manager and holds a Certification in Montessori for Dementia, who has worked in approximately 45 skilled nursing/short-term rehabilitation facilities and has been a staunch advocate and outspoken proponent of the need for improved and more dignified quality of care for the over 1 million people 
who reside in the over 15,000 nursing homes in the US. Indeed,
Our Elder Citizens, our valuable and precious resource, our wisdom keepers, are also our future selves.


She is principal owner of  Phyllis Ayman Associates, preparing families to become more effective advocates

and provides them with valuable information from a unique inside perspective to help them make more informed care choices for themselves and their loved ones. Her highly developed analytic skills, coupled with a background in speech and communication, has given her

a valuable perspective in understanding systemic approaches to programming. In doing so, she has helped long-term care facilities ranging in size from under 100 to 500 in recognizing and conceptualizing new programs, developing strategies for implementing those programs, and leading and training care teams so that the facility delivers a higher quality of care.


Phyllis is the host of Voices for Eldercare Advocacy on the Voice America Empowerment Channel, is a proud board member of the Massachusetts Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (MANHR) and an advisory board member to Olive Community Services, a 501 (c) 3 in Fullerton, CA a community services organization dedicated to serving the culturally diverse senior community. She is the author of 2 books and several articles in national publications. Prior to the global pandemic, she was sought after as a thought leader to present at several international conferences.

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