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Women: Do You Know The Power of Your Shoes? The SeniorScape™

It was the last day of Secret Knock in San Diego, CA, a true epic experience hosted and produced by Greg S. Reid, Speakers, enthusiasm, energy, dancing, sharing, fun galore. if you play full out you will come away with amazing connections, experiences, ways to grow your business and ways that you will be enriched as an entrepreneur and a person. Admittedly, the 2 ½ action packed days can be tiring, but well worth every second.

During the course of the event most people circulate from table to table, meeting new people. No name tags which forces you to talk with people to find out who they are and what they do. Some are the rich and famous that you wouldn’t recognize by their face but recognize when you hear about their businesses, some you know by name but never had the opportunity so see in person or learn what they have created/accomplished. It is an unbelievable opportunity to be in the same room and have the opportunity to share what you do with them as much as you have the great fortune to hear their wise words.

As things were winding down this last day, I was seated next to an extraordinarily beautiful woman.

Somewhat tall, thin, exotic looking. She was dressed in all black with a stunning pair of gold platform sandals. Despite the fact that the speaker continued to be interviewed on the stage a good distance from where we were seated, being a shoe person, I felt an urgency to ask her about them; Where did she get them? Were they designer shoes?

I gently tapped her and whispered my queries. She responded that she hadn’t worn them in about 10 years but decided to dig them of the closet for this event. We began speaking. She in turn complimented me on my red hair and the new-fangled somewhat avant-garde hairstyle which sports a shorter, shaved side with the whitish/gray left in its natural state on the shorter side intended to depict my station in life. She went on to explain her Steve Madden shoes and me my hair color vision which my hairdresser refused to do because he could not “see it” and therefore, “would not” do it.

That was only the beginning and the springboard to a conversation that led us to realize our mutual interests.

She explained it was a last-minute decision to attend the event and that upon arriving she met a woman with whom she shared an interest in multi-cultural inclusive communities, of particular interest considering her bi-ethnic Chinese, Indian roots, which of course explains her extraordinary exotic beauty.

I told her about Kallimos communities, described by Dr. Bill Thomas in his book In the Arms of Elders, my advocacy for how we value, care for and treat older adults, and the screenplay for which I’m raising funds based on 2 of Dr. Thomas’ books about elder wisdom, wise leadership, the importance of intergenerational relationships and community.

It was only then that she told me she’s a songwriter. Who would have known? I proceeded to share with her the words to a poem, or potential song lyrics for the film. They immediately brought tears to her eyes. Seeing the tears well up in her eyes brought tears to mine.

There we were, in the middle of the extraordinary, what I call, the “Secret Knock Experience”, having our own private experience based on mutual passions. All of which started from a pair of gold platform sandals.

Of course, we’ve shared information. She went on to share my words with her new-found associate who was also touched by the words. She’s agreed to try to put song to my lyrics.

I shared with her that I’ve encouraged a work colleague who has tremendous artistic talent and dreamed of becoming a graphic designer or artist told me that at age 42 she believes “that ship has sailed” to try her hand at illustrating the words.

As our conversation and the speaker was winding to a close, we recalled that our connection began with a pair of shoes. I shared that my next blog post would be something like “The Power of Shoes” but through a collaborative effort we came up with the title you see above.

The lesson Is clear. Ladies, reach out to one other. Compliment a woman on anything, her clothes, shoes, smile, hair. It can spark a conversation but also be the beginning of an amazing connection.

We have power in our associations, in our connections. Sometimes as women we get caught up in thinking we have to go it alone, that is how we show our strength. After all, women are often the CEO of the family, (dare I say even the backbone) carrying the load of work-family life-child rearing balance. We feel like everything rests on our shoulders like Atlas carrying the world on his.

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