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Who Will You Be At 96? The SeniorScape®

The other day a friend sent me the link to a video. Watch it here:

What I loved most about it was that it dispels society’s precepts about what older adults are capable of learning, and doing, especially the idea that they can’t learn or appreciate technology. I’ve heard it not only from those who are younger, but unfortunately, from older adults who have internalized society’s ageist attitudes.

But….. limitations are only the ones we place on ourselves.

A while ago I wrote a blog entitled: “Are You An Adventure Capitalist?”. This video moved me to answer that question for myself. I wanted to write about it again, giving you the opportunity to answer that question for yourself.

The first consideration is to answer the question: “What is an adventure?” Most of us would have a fairly good idea what that is. We most commonly think of an adventure of something exotic or exciting, a trip to an unknown place, a daring undertaking. The google definition of adventure is, an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

The word activity struck me and got me thinking. It doesn’t have to be something huge like an African Safari, climbing Mount Everest or scaling El Capitan, but we can take small steps in our lives that seem like an adventure.

An adventure can be nothing more than taking chances. Are we capitalizing on opportunities or creating some of our own? If not, can we? I dare say that Granny, who became a Tik Tok sensation in her 90’s was on an adventure that she never would have ever dreamed of pursuing. Indeed, it was her grandson that facilitated her becoming a social media sensation, but Granny embraced it. She didn’t let fear, society’s mores, friends or detractors, her decision. She sent with it, and I for one am glad she did. For me it was eye opening and inspiring.

Can you look at your own life and take small steps which can seem like an adventure? Do you think you would feel more fulfilled, gratified, and even experience a sense of freedom you hadn’t previously?

It’s almost two years since I took a leap of faith and went to an event on the other side of the country without knowing what it was or where I would stay, I had met the creator only briefly through 2 short online events and had heard of him through a business associate. It was likely one of the best decisions I ever made. It’s been nothing short of transformational. It is responsible for some of what I’ve been able to accomplish, allowed me to meet people I would never have otherwise met, I’ve made associations through which there are incredible collaborative opportunities and am on the brink of achieving my dream of having a film made that brings attention to the need for American society to place greater value on older adults. A value that allows them to receive the dignity, respect, quality of life and quality of care they deserve. It’s truly been like an adventure.

So, What’s on Your Adventure List? What change can it represent for you in your life or in the lives of others,

people you know, and maybe even on a larger scale, people you don’t?

Are you an adventure capitalist? Do you want to be? Do you want to find out how you can be?

Feel free to weigh in or ask me for suggestions to help you on your Adventure Capitalist Journey.

Make the Rest of Your Life, the Best of Your Life!!!!

Feel Fab…..Look Fab…..Be FAB – U – Lous


Be An Adventure Capitalist and


I’m proud to say that The SeniorScape® is now a registered trademark. To receive The SeniorScape® blog in your email inbox send an email to:

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