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The Last Week of Healthy Aging Month The SeniorScape ™

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Today is the beginning of the last week of Healthy Aging Month. It seemed almost fitting to me that it is also the first day of the New Year for people of the Jewish faith. The end of Healthy Aging Month on the first day of the New Year can serve as a beginning. The beginning of a commitment to embrace a healthy aging lifestyle so that you can continue to age as healthfully and gracefully as you possibly can. Of course, for you, but also the people you love and the people who love you.

We can say it includes four A’s:

Awareness – everything begins with Awareness of the things we need to change

Acceptance – similar to the stage of grief that follows a loss, you have to Accept areas that require change. At time we may get defensive about the areas that we’ve become aware of, either self-awareness of that someone has made us aware of or we try to negotiate reasons why we cannot or do not have to change in these areas.

Action – everything will remain the same unless you take Action

Accountable – you have to hold yourself accountable for those actions.

I’ve translated the four As into the ABC’s of A.C.T.

Awareness of you what need to do. This is akin to taking our head out of the sand. Until you do, you’ll be

unable to make the necessary changes to achieve a longevity lifestyle.

Belief that there is a process that can help you achieve your desired goals. I liken this to getting off a plane and having no idea where you are going…. no plan, no specific destination. Sound ridiculous? Or imagine driving your car with no destination in mind. What is the purpose? We need to have a destination. Having a destination is having a route to get there, a plan. Otherwise, we kind of proceed aimlessly, depending on automatic activities and behaviors.

Confidence that you can do it and it will result in the much-needed change so you can continue to live more healthfully, happily and vibrantly.

To put it into practice and make the necessary changes, of course you need to A.C.T.

Action, you must take inspired action

Commitment, you have to agree with yourself to be committed to the process. If it’s to Be, it’s up to Me.

This is also the basis of IMPathy ®, a self-care commitment letter and the inner game of empathy. Just as empathy is about care for, and about others, by being able to understand and relate to their situation, IMpathy® is turning that same understanding inward.

Tenacity, stick with it and changes happen.

I’m using an example here from an interview I had on this week’s episode of SeniorsSTRAIGHTTalk. I interviewed Lauren Solomon whose mother in her 80s had a medical situation that, after much evaluation seemed to require surgical intervention. At the last minute; however, the doctor conducted one more test and determined that, due to the severity of the medical situation, surgical success could not be guaranteed.

The next best recommendation was a total change in what her mother was eating and how she actually ate. The entire family was involved in what was a long, painstaking and difficult process. Someone had to be with her mother for every meal to help her learn how to eat in a way that would ensure her health and well-being.

A year later the results are incredible. Lauren’s mother has lost 30 lbs and, where she had difficulty getting around prior to losing the weight, she is now mobile and able to get around independently, relying only on her walker.

Habits are difficult to change and take work. But for a woman in her 80s, who had to change something as fundamental in how she consumed every bite of food, the pay off was huge. She is now living life more healthfully and more happily. Her adult children continue to enjoy having their mother in their life, her grandchildren continues to enjoy having a beloved "grandma" in their life and she delights in sharing her stories and wisdom with them. This is a true testament to the fact that it is never too late to adopt new more productive and healthy habits.

I encourage you to develop your personalized longevity plan which can also be

considered your wellness care plan that allows you to live a more healthy, vibrant, and

fulfilling life.

The Wellness CEO – by Phyllis Ayman

Your health is YOUR business.

Are you the keeper of your well-being?

It’s NEVER too late.

The place to begin is within,

The time to begin is NOW!

Your Health is Your BUSINESS!

You are the CEO of your well-being.

If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter, but

If you mind, make it MATTER!

The Place to Begin is Within, The Time to Begin is NOW!!!!!

Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life!

Feel Fab…Look Fab….Be FAB – U- Lous YOU!!!!

and most importantly…….

AGE MAGNIFICENTLY! (click link to find out how)

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