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Don't Let Age Stop You: The SeniorScape ™

There’s much to learn from the story of Mitzi Perdue’s life.

A woman who hadn’t pursued her deep seated goals and desires because of a debilitating lisp.

An extremely smart businesswoman and the daughter of cofounder of the Sheraton Hotel Chain, likely

chose paths in which she didn’t have to communicate with a large number of people. She built a business as a

rice farmer and another growing grapes for winemaking.

A potentially life-threatening illness of one of her employees, a rice farmer, with an IQ of over 200 who never pursued his life-long dream, inspired her to change course.

Her employee was diagnosed with a heart ailment that would likely end his life. Mitzi, being the compassionate person she is, arranged for her employee to receive treatment at the then famed

Pritiken Institute. A treatment that would allow him to live many more years giving him the opportunity to

fulfill his life-long dream.

But her tenant farmer chose not to pursue his goal. Mitzi’s calculation was that fear of failure got in the way.

She was determined not to let that happen to her.

In her mid 30’s, she pursued a path of rigorous speech therapy on a path to fulfilling her dream of being a TV

show host and radio broadcaster. One would likely consider an unrealistic goal for someone with a debilitating lisp. Not only did she achieve both of those goals, Mitzi went on to become a successful motivational speaker.

Mitzi is a woman of extraordinary talent who has continued to pursue passions, find outlets for her talents and

interests throughout her entire life; all of which keeps her vital, vibrant and engaged.

She is now 81 years of age. As an older adult she learned computer programming, designed an app and describes that she enjoys sitting beside her grandson teaching computer programming, dispelling the erroneous stereotype that older adults cannot learn technology.

She did not stop there. Her talent in art and design led her to designing a line of handbags called

EveningEggs ™

I connected with Mitzi recently through Kyle Wilson, president of Jim Rohn International and publisher of ‘Think Big.’After reading her chapter in Wilson’s previous book: Bringing Value, Solving Problems & Leaving a Legacy, I found we had many similar life experiences. This despite the vast difference in our present and past lives.

Mitzi was open to the connection, and after reading my chapter in ‘Think Big’ she invited to interview me for her blog in Psychology Today around her passionate advocacy to end human trafficking.

From there I invited her to join me for a conversation on my podcast SeniorsSTRAIGHTTalk.

What was my reason for inviting Mitzi to have the conversation with me on SeniorsSTRAIGHTTalk? Mitzi Perdue’s life is an important message for many older adults encumbered by the stereotypes of our ageist society, essentially trapped into believing that they have no value, no purpose, and therefore, have no contribution that could be of interest to society at large.

In addition, Mitzi is the author of more than 1800 newspaper and magazine articles on family businesses, food, agriculture, the environment, philanthropy, biotechnology, genetic engineering, and women’s health.

She was a syndicated columnist for 22 years, and her weekly environmental columns were distributed first by California’s Capitol News and later, by Scripps Howard News Service, to roughly 420 newspapers. For two years she was a Commissioner on the National Commission on Libraries and Information Science.

Mitzi also produced and hosted more than 400 half hour interview shows, Mitzi’s Country Magazine on KXTV, the CBS affiliate in Sacramento, California. In addition, she hosted and produced more than 300 editions of Mitzi’s Country Comments, which was syndicated to 76 stations. Her radio series, Tips from the Farmer to You, was broadcast weekly for two years on the Coast to Coast Radio Network.

Her most recent written work, ‘Relentless’ is a biography of Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ books. The book has been said by the Business Guru and Financier Somers White, “The GREATEST self-help book I have ever read. A BLUEPRINT for HOW TO MAKE ONE’S CAREER GO FASTER AND FARTHER.” The Book has the following awards and nominations to its credit:

• Chairman’s Choice for August, The Online Book Club.

• Top 100 Business Books, C-Suite Network

• Nominated for Literary Titan Book Award

• Nominated for Book Fest Book Awards

• Nominated for Paris Book Festival

When you text DONATE to 55312 you will receive a free copy of Relentless. Royalties will go to Razom, the Ukrainian relief organization with 125,000 volunteer members, mostly Ukrainian Americans.

At eight-one years of age, Mitzi is not stopping. A passionate advocate to end human trafficking, she not only writes a blog in Psychology Today around that topic; but is dedicated to raising money in unique ways from high net worth individuals around the world to help fight this insidious and ever growing heinous human rights violation to human dignity

Mitzi Perdue is not only a thought leader, passionate advocate, humanitarian but an

inspiring woman who is testimony to, “don’t let age stop you.”

Whatever your hidden desire or passion, continuing to follow your dreams or desires can be freeing and give you a renewed sense of purpose. So jump in, ask if you need help and “Rejuvenate You”

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