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Are You Practicing Mindful Longevity? The SeniorsScape ™

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

If you want to be doing something fifteen years from now, it’s likely that if you’re not doing it now, you won’t be doing it fifteen years from now. As it is said, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is NOW!!!

If you are not making conscious choices to live in a way the supports healthy longevity, then in fact you are surrendering and allowing life to happen to you. To make conscious choices, one must be living Mindfully, rather than mindlessly. As Tweeted by Oprah Winfrey: “Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment”

There is ample research supporting the conclusion that mindful people are generally happier, less stressed, have a more positive outlook, greater hope, higher energy level and are overall more vibrant. Therefore,

practicing mindfulness can have tremendous benefits for your health and longevity, helping you live a vibrant and fulfilling life. Among the physical benefits are:

· Increased immune system function

· Lower blood pressure

· Reduced chronic pain

· Better sleep

· Healthier eating habits

Among the benefits of mindfulness on cognitive function are:

· Improved attention and focus

· Improvement in the ability to think clearly

· Improved memory

· Decreased depression

· Reduced feelings of burnout

Besides the expressed desire to experience healthy longevity, what does it take to embrace the ingredients for healthy longevity? It takes intentional and mindful actions and commitment.

What exactly is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is a way of living. It’s a way of changing one’s relationship to reality. To break automatic patterns developed over years. Mindfulness is also about directing attention to the present moment. We also want to focus on the role of attention within the concept of mindfulness. Most of us are preoccupied either with past events or the future. In order to take mindful action, one has to be in touch with the moment. This is not to be confused with only being here in the now. If we are going to live intentionally to achieve mindful longevity, we have to make plans and include mindfulness practices as part of our daily agenda. This takes planning.

Self-Care or IMpathy®, a word I created, the basis of a self-care commitment letter, is part of Mindful Longevity. We must become our own best friends. To do this, we need a Clear Vision of the Life We Want to Live, have the Courage to Make the Necessary Choices and the Commitment to stick to them. There may be old habits we need to discard to embrace new Productive Ones. This level of change may have you stepping out of your Comfort Zone. To Live the Good Life, you must be willing to Live the Good Fight.

This is one aspect of Planning by Choice: Rather than by crisis. If you are waiting to make those decisions or take those actions, you are essentially surrendering and letting the aging process happen to you. In order to practice Mindful Longevity you have to take stock of where you are, how you’d like to age, or what you’d like your longevity experience to be by determining and adopting the daily practices that will allow you to achieve a healthy longevity experience. These may include developing:

Wisdom: Fair – honest – perceptive - wise

Power: Strong – Courageous – Confident – Tenacious - Patient

Vision: Beautiful – Creative – Joyful – Grateful - Inspired

Feeling: Humble – Observant – Energetic

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