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Are You An Adventure Capitalist?The SeniorScape™

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

It may seem a silly question to ask, “What is an adventure?” because most would have a fairly good idea what that is. We most commonly think of an adventure of something exotic or exciting, a trip to an unknown place, a daring undertaking. The google definition of adventure is: an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

The word activity struck me and got me thinking. It doesn’t have to be something huge like an African Safari, climbing mount Everest or El Capitan, but can we take small steps in our lives that seem like an adventure?

Can an adventure be nothing more than taking chances? Are we capitalizing on opportunities or creating some of our own. If not, can we?

My answer is a resounding ‘yes’. I thought of it when at an event earlier this week.

I was seated next to a woman who remarked on my hair choice, extremely short in one small area above my Left ear. Not really shaved but just extremely short as compared to the overall length of my short haircut. That area is gray, well, mostly white now. She told me she noticed me as soon as I walked into the event and thought it looked great.

I proceeded to tell her the story of how it came about. A story I’ve repeated many times, but for some reason, on this occasion, conversing with this woman, on this day, I had the lightbulb moment about how small steps can seem like an adventure and how fulfilling, gratifying, and self-affirming that can feel.

I had a hairdresser who suggested shaving the small area above my left ear. I was initially reluctant. It’s not that I’ve never taken chances, I’ve taken plenty of them. Pursued things that may seem outrageous to some, like the time I decided I should be on the radio talking about senior issues and called the local Business Talk Radio station and insisted they put me on the air. I wound up as a guest on a regular show for a year and a half which led me to my own radio show and podcast.

Another was the time I went for a TV interview about my book OVERDUE Quality Care for Our Elder Citizensat a public access TV station and they suggested I become the host of the show. Without thinking I agreed. The day I showed up for my first interview I thought I was probably out of my mind.

One of the best ones is when I started taking dancing lessons at a local dance studio, the studio owned by Maks, Val and Tony from Dancing With the Stars. After just a few lessons my teacher told me the studio was producing a showcase and suggested I sign up. The hook was that the choreography for my dance and initial lesson would be with Tony Davolani from Dancing With The Stars. I love dancing and, figuring this would be my Dancing With The Stars Moment, I immediately said yes, Fast forward to the evening of the show, standing backstage in my costume, hair and makeup done, waiting to go on, I looked out at the small theatre audience. People who actually paid money to see the show and said to myself, “I can’t do this, what was I thinking?”

Of course, I went on and my teacher said I nailed it. I hardly remember a moment of it, it was like an out of body experience. I’m thinking that classifies as an adventure of sorts. That is all to say, trying new things is nothing unfamiliar to me.

But the hair suggestion seemed a little different. It was not a fleeting experience. It clearly would stay with me for a while. Yet, I agreed. The next thing I know the buzzer was buzzing off the hair on one side of my head. My heart sank.

But when my hairdresser finished styling my hair, I loved it!!!!!

Now here is the next part of the story. Fast forward several months and my gray was growing out. I love being a redhead. I think my personality suits the red hair, or the red hair suits my personality. All in all, it’s become a kind of trademark. But because I believe that coloring my hair is giving in to the notion that camouflaging the gray is somehow giving in to societies ageist attitudes, I was looking for a way to maintain some gray to show, what I call, my station in life.

My color started growing out and I needed a touch up. On my next visit to my hairdresser, I asked him to help keep that area of my hair gray. He gave me every reason in the world why I shouldn’t do it and, why he wouldn’t do it. He said he couldn’t see it and ultimately refused. But I was determined because I had the vision of what it would look like. We had several discussions about it. I was surprised because his original idea to shave a small portion of my hair was certainly out of the box. I then decided to ask a friend who specializes in hair coloring. She also refused. She said if it didn’t look good, she wouldn’t want her name associated with it. That seemed so ridiculous to me. No one would know who did it and it could always be covered with red. I usually did my own color but keeping the color away from a small area seemed difficult. Ultimately, I tried it myself but it was extremely difficult with a less than favorable outcome.

I was getting nowhere. Until, aha!!!! I was working in a skilled nursing facility in a small city a distance from my home. There was a nurse who seemed a creative type, I told a nurse about my dilemma. She recommended a hair stylist who she thought would definitely do what I wanted. I immediately made an appointment.

The hairdresser was a young gal with piercings and a rather unconventional hairstyle. She not only thought it was doable she thought it was a great idea. TADA!!!!! The outcome was just as I envisioned it. I now travel 1 ¼ hours from my home every 6 weeks for her to color my hair.

Fast forward to the conversation with the gal at the event. I recounted the entire story. To this day I get countless compliments about my hair from people of all ages, and in all places. I can be walking on the street, in the grocery store, in the gym, at an event, etc.

I get a thrill every time I recount the story. But this time, adventure capitalist came to mind. I pursued an idea, a vision, that was somewhat exotic, different, exciting, unusual. I sought out a way to capitalize on it, to make it happen.

Are you an adventure capitalist? Do you want to be? Do you want to find out how you can be?

Feel free to weigh in. Email me at: Make the Rest of Your Life, the Best of Your Life!!!!

Feel Fab…..Look Fab…..Be FAB – U – Lous


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