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Amazon Nailed It With This One!!!!!! The SeniorScape®

To its credit, the television industry has made some strides depicting older adults with purposeful, active lives. They are not only appealing to the older demographic which represents a tremendous share of the economy, known as the longevity economy, now valued at $7.6 trillion, but it's also an attempt to change our perceptions of older people.

But, up to now, the commercials I have seen have missed the mark.

Older adults who say they take an over the counter drug to keep up with younger folks gives the impression that are becoming more forgetful, less capable, less energetic. To me it only reinforces negative stereotypes about older people.

With the commercial "joy ride" Amazon on the other hand, depicts older adults as adventurous, joyful, and energetic without any artificial means.

Three older women are sitting on a park bench. Their age, possibly 70s or 80s, which I surmised based on their appearance, Admittedly, that could be considered ageist on my part.

They look at each other in wonderment as they watch children joyfully sledding down a hill. It hearkens them back to memories of their youth, memories of joys and friendship. Despite what people may think, feelings that do not change with age.

One of the women has an ingenious idea. She orders three cushions, one for herself and one for each of her friends, that can fit into a sled, allowing a person can sit more comfortably. Once the package arrives, they each take a cushion and fit it into their own sled. Then, away they go!!!!!!! They sled joyfully, laughing with exuberance, having the same fun they had as children and the same fun as every other child sledding down the hill.

In the background we hear the instrumental of the Beatles song, "In My Life". As they sled down the hlll, we see a flashback of them doing the same thing as young girls.

It's never too late. Age has no boundaries, for joy, fun, friendship, and adventure.

Seeing this commercial with the one described at the beginning of this blog, what would you think?

What would you think about these women, their capabilities, their lives, their dreams, desires, if you saw them sitting on a park bench?

Do you think of yourself as wanting to sled down a hill as you did when you were a child or do you think that's for small children and you are passed that time of your life?

Do you still have a desire for adventure?

It may seem a silly question to ask, “What is an adventure?” because most would have a fairly good idea what that is. We most commonly think of an adventure of something exotic or exciting, a trip to an unknown place, a daring undertaking. The Google definition of adventure is an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

The word activity struck me and got me thinking. It doesn’t have to be something huge like an African Safari, climbing mount Everest or El Capitan, but can we take small steps in our lives that seem like an adventure?

Can an adventure be nothing more than taking chances? Are you capitalizing on opportunities or creating new ones? .

Metaphorically speaking, are you willing to get a cushion to help you sit in a sled more comfortably and experience the joy of sledding down a hill as you did when you were a child?

Be an adventure capitalist, and AGE MAGNIFICENTLY!!!!!

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