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Providing Sound Solutions for  Business Environments

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Business Services:

Each of the below topics can be tailored to meet your needs. They can developed as a featured one hour presentation or breakout session, developed as a webinar or  training programs for a large number of your company’s workforce.

Business Solutions

Talk Topics: Click on a topic to learn more.

Benefits to The Bottom Line

Including,  Appreciative Inquiry &

Active Constructive Responding

.Eldercare in America, A Moral Dilemma
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The New Normal: Care giving in the U.S. 

Approximately 34.2 million Americans provided unpaid care to an adult age 50 or older in the last 12 months, while 43.5 million provided unpaid care to an adult or child during the same 12-month period. 

These caregivers  are known as "the sandwich generation", being squeezed between job, family and work responsibilities. The resulting burnout, stress and fatigue  results in reduced productivity at work, absences from work, people leaving the work force or deciding to work fewer hours.

This presentation addresses the important issues for businesses and lets employees know that their personal challenges are understood.

The_New_Normal Caregiving_in_the_U.S. Phyllis Ayman
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Self-Care Commitment/Building Resilience

Resilience is a critical skill we all need during personal and work challenges. 
This interactive workshop will present techniques and strategies to develop personal resilience skills.

IMpathy® Building Your Resilience.m4Phyllis Ayman
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Productive Empathetic Communication: Benefits to The Bottom Line

Our relationships are impacted by our communication style and the degree to which we relate to and care about our colleagues and coworkers. 
Through lecture, video, interactive exercises and role play, attendees will learn how to understand the importance of empathy and how it can positively impact their work relationships.

Productive Empathetic Communication BenePhyllis Ayman
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Effective Communication Strategies, Including Appreciative Inquiry and Active Constructive Responding:

Miscommunication and misinterpretation of communication is a root cause for resentments and disagreements. Attendees will learn and practice a variety of communication strategies which facilitates more productive , cooperative, and satisfying workplace environments.

Effective Communication Strategies IncluPhyllis Ayman
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Personality Types in the Workplace

The “People Map” system effectively analyzes distinct personality types. Understanding the personality types of those with whom we work helps us  approach each other in ways that allows us work together collaboratively maximizing and complementing each other’s skill sets.

Personality types in the WorkplacePhyllis Ayman
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Speak Like a “S.T.A.R.

Attendees will develop and enhance their public speaking and presentation skills. In addition, compensatory strategies will be presented for foreign language speakers of who may feel less than confident or who feel they experience difficulty being understood.

Speak like a S.T.A.R.Artist Name
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Communication In Our Multicultural Society

Understanding the impact cultures have in our relationships and in workplace environments. Culture awareness, competence and sensitivity will be addressed.

Communication In Our Multicultural SociePhyllis Ayman
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Creating Effective Leadership Environments

Leadership styles and their impact on the workplace will be explored. Interactive exercises, role play and examples for critique will be presented.

Creating Effective Leadership EnvironmenArtist Name
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Creating Effective Leadership Environmen
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Conflict Resolution

Attendees will learn root causes and techniques to resolve conflicts.

Conflict ResolutionPhyllis Ayman
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Eldercare in America

A Moral Dilemma

Featured speech presentation about our attitudes towards, and treatment of, our elder citizens, including reframing the conversation around aging:  misconceptions, verbiage and how it affects and conditions our attitudes from youth.  

Eldercare Eldercare In America A Moral DPhyllis Ayman
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