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 Master Communicator is the Key to Bridging the Divide to Business

As a Master Communicator, Phyllis realizes that the keys to opening doors to create more effective care teams in the healthcare arena, are the same keys that open the doors for helping business teams communicate more effectively and hence becoming 
more productive. In the 45 skilled nursing facilities in which she’s worked, ranging in size from less than 100 to 500, she has recognized and conceptualized changes in programming, single handedly developed communication strategies and systems to 
improve interdepartmental flow of communication, successfully led care teams to implement those changes, and developed training programs for all levels of facility personnel from administration to all levels of line staff. This has led her to coalesce a team of associates for developing training programs to help business teams communicate more effectively thus demonstrating the ability to successfully bridge the divide between these environments. In past years, her training in speech and communication led her to 
conduct training programs on a variety of topics for the Federal Government.


Phyllis has authored two books and written several articles for national publications. 
She is a radio show host on the Voice America Empowerment Channel and in the Spring of 2019 was selected to be the associate producer and host of a pilot series on a local public access TV station. She has conducted webinars and presented on various topics in the public and private sector, including ESPN and the CT Department of Justice.

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